Visitors spending less time on your website isn’t always bad

  Don’t panic if your website has low “session duration”   Webmasters often talk about high bounce rate and low time on site (or low average session duration) as though...

Australian website host or offshore website host: which is better?

Why it pays to host your website locally   After you’ve designed a stunning website for your business, you need to choose a website host so your customers can start finding you online....

Why are business websites important?

(Spoiler: it’s your hardworking, 24 hour salesperson)   If you don’t yet have a small business website, or you have a website that’s simply not performing, you may be...

Why good website design matters to your SEO

Good website design is not only about making your website look beautiful. While a beautiful aesthetic certainly helps, good website design is mainly about creating an enjoyable experience for...

How good website design increases sales

There’s no doubt about it: good website design leads to more sales. It’s because good website design makes your customers feel like the whole process is easy.   When a customer can...

I have social, why do I need a website?

Answer: Because even a cheap website can help your sales skyrocket   If all your customers can find about your business is a social media profile, it plants a seed of doubt in their...

8 Tips for DIY Conversion Rate Optimisation

How to increase your conversion rate for higher profit   You’ve worked hard to get visitors and customers to come to your website. Your traffic is pretty good… but you’re...

How do search engines work exactly?

SEO and SERP explained, plus SEO tips for your website   Your favourite search engines like Google, Yahoo! and Bing use complex algorithms to show you the best answers to your question or...

Must have website features in 2019

What makes a good website?   The internet is a constantly evolving beast. If your website was built in 2014 to please the search engines of yesteryear, it’s probably not up to scratch...

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